User Map

Let your fellow members know what area you live in and let's find out what areas of the Cities are the strongest represented.

  • Go to your settings by clicking on your username above the TCMAS Banner


On the left you see several options under "Settings"



  • Fill out the Map location field under "Personal Details" and save it.

It is an autofill field. Just start typing with your street etc. You can include the housenumber but not required.

We added this "Map location" field in addition to the regular "Location" field for privacy concerns you might have. The regular Location field is visible in several sections on the forum. The Map Location one is nowhere visible



  • Go to " Privacy" and tick the box where it asks to be shown on the map and save




  • In the Navigation bar under "Community" you see the link to the "User Map" and your location should be visible there now