Options available to become a TCMAS Member


As stated in the Bylaws:For full details please visit: Bylaws
1.1 Becoming a MemberMembership is obtained by:
(a) Attending a Board of Directors approved, member hosted meeting (with an attendance limit of at least 15 guests, if any), business meeting, or speaker event but not including expos or workshops; and providing the information required on the sign in sheet (or electronic login if available); or
(b) Majority vote of the board of directors.

1.2 Lapse of Membership
A member must attend and provide the information required on the sign in sheet at 1 TCMAS sponsored event every 12 months or their membership is converted to Registered Forum User. This does not apply to a lifetime membership.

TCMAS Supporter (Paid Membership):

To become a part of TCMAS without having the complete benefits of a full membership we offer the option to become a TCMAS Supporter. This is a paid option at the cost of $30 yearly or $50 for 2 years. If you choose this option this will include most but not all of the benefits of a full membership. Once this option is utilized, the yearly or bi yearly cost is non refundable regardless of club event or meeting attendance afterwards.

Pay for a membership by clicking your "User Name" in the upper right corner, then "Account Upgrades" or by clicking here (if logged in).

Classifieds access:

We decided to limit the classifieds access in the following manner, members, lifetime members and supporters will be able to view all classifieds sections and threads. In order to post in the classifieds section the posting parties will need to have a minimum of 50 posts on our forums. If new members are looking to purchase items from the classifieds section but have not reached the 50 post mark then they are more than welcome to send the selling party a PM regarding their interest.

Benefits of Membership / TCMAS Supporter:

Members, Lifetime Members, and TCMAS Supporters will have the following benefits:
• Participate in raffles and give-aways
• Free admission to workshops
• Certain additional options on the new forum which we will launch at the same time we implement the changes.
• A free entry in our “Yellow Pages” This is for members to advertise any non-reef related business or services that they offer.
• Access to the classifieds. You will be able to see the sales and contact the seller however, if you want to post a for sale/wanting to buy thread you need a minimum post count of 50.
May 3, 2017
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