Welcome to the home of the Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society

Thank you for your interest in Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society (TCMAS).
This is a club composed of individuals throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul region who are interested in salt water aquariums and reefs in particular.
There is a broad range of expertise among our members. It ranges from those who have not set up reef aquariums yet to individuals who are very knowledgeable in both critters and equipment.
We try to meet twice a month in a member's home or a local retail store with a link to the club, for informal discussion and to see aquariums. Meetings vary on day and time, depending on the host's preference. Our meetings tend to be located throughout the Twin Cities.
The general format of meetings are fairly loose, but somewhere around an hour into the meeting, we'll take a few minutes to hear from our host, discuss any club issues, and have a brief Meet-and-Greet among the attendees.Occasionally, we have special meetings. For example, we host public Frag Swaps twice each year.
Additionally, we host one or more Speaker's Events each year, where we host prominent speakers and authors from around the country to lecture on a wide variety of topics surrounding reef keeping and the hobby.
We have also had special behind the scenes tours of the Minnesota Zoo, Underwater Adventures, and the Rainforest Café. Additionally, hold one business meeting each year, usually in October.

To become a member, you must register as a member on our online forum. There is no cost to join.
Once you attend a TCMAS meeting and sign in on the attendance sheet, within a few days you will be upgraded to full member status for the following twelve months, and be granted access to the restricted and members only areas on our forum.
There are no dues other than this requirement. For those who volunteer and provide special service to the club, there is also a premium members forum, only accessible to those who go 'above and beyond', in assisting the club.
Access is granted to those who host meetings in their homes, serve on committees, organize large scale group activities, or hold office on the Board of Directors.
Once you are a premium member, you are also a lifetime member, and no longer need to attend a meeting every 12 months to maintain full forum access. When the opportunity arises, volunteer!
The date of the next TCMAS meeting is listed on the Club Calendar page. If you are able to attend, send a Private Message through the forums to the host or a moderator, to get more detailed directions.
We do not post the directions on the internet if we meet at member homes and not in a public place. Details are available to everyone, including people who are not full members, if the meeting is going to be held in a public location, such as a local aquatics retailer.
There is no email list for guests so it is up to you to check the website often until you find a meeting you can attend.TCMAS is a personal club with a great forum, not a forum club with occasional meetings.
If you choose to join, please be sure to attend a meeting, and join in the best saltwater aquarium club anywhere. Hope to see you at a Meeting soon.

TCMAS Officers (usernames are between brackets):

President: Ryan (RSnodgrass)
Directors : Ted (mnmuskyman2011), Nick (Nickz)
Secretary: Amy (AmyZ)
Treasurer: Tim (Zoolan70)

May 3, 2017
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