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    I'm exicited to be setting up a tank in the lobby of my daughter's middle school ( 6-8 grade ) that is just two doors down from our house.

    It is a charter school for project based learning. It is individualized for each student to do projects based on what they are most interested in.

    Right now they as a school are learning about Human impact on the earth. Coral Reefs will go hand in hand on this topic. The hope is that some students will take an interest and do projects that are related to the tank, inhabitants, chemistry, etc.

    The plan is to set the tank up on Jan 7 just after Christmas Break. I don't plan to introduce all the livestock at once. I will put a picture frame ( or some type of display ) near the tank. As livestock is added, I will put up some type of fun facts about them.

    The Setup:

    One of Li Cai's maintenance clients was getting out and looking for somewhere to donate his setup. Comes with most everything needed to get started.

    It is a 75g tank half circle tank. While at beginning I was not too excited about the curve, it will be going in the main lobby and not having sharp edges will be a plus when kids are running around the corner.
    2 Kessil A360s with kessil spectrum controller.
    Apex Jr. controller,
    Octopus skimmer ( which will be sold to pay for other gear ),
    Media Reactor ( will likely sell, use a BRS reactor instead ).
    20L Sump ( either will retrofit for ATS or build ATS/sump combo from scratch ).
    Pair of smaller non-controllable Tunze circulation pumps.
    Sicce return pump

    Here is a pic of the setup prior to tear down at customer site.



    All the livestock has been in my system for about 6 weeks waiting for the setup. 9 Additional fish to my system has thrown off the balance a bit causing phosphated in my show tank to rise.


    1. Small Regal/Hippo Tang
    2. Medium Purple Tang
    3. Rusty Dwarf Angel
    4. Royal Gramma
    5. Flame Hawkfish
    6-7. Two clowns, the clowns are really small. Will likely substitue my pair as they are close to spawning age and size.
    8. Midas Blenny
    9. Small Valentini Puffer ( which may not get added ).


    Only coral worth mentioning is the nice elegance. All the rest will probably be pieces from my tank ( mostly leathers and zoanthids to start with so doesn't look empty). Gradually trading them out for a more diverse coral selection. Li has already offered a red goniopora to be added later.
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    Sounds nice David, I'm sure you will do a great job, and the school be proud of your work. Keep us updated.Thanks
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    Looking forward to more photos as it progresses.
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    I have multiple pink stylo mini colonies that I can donate, as well as orange and green monti caps.

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