-SPONSOR- Broken SPSs !!!!

Discussion in '1StopCorals' started by AsianReef, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Just clean up my tank and move couple of my old/new SPSs. Couple pieces broke off and I don't want them in my frag tank cause no more space. All are WYSIWG. PIck up in Shoreview/Arden Hills areas.



    1. New Aussie SPS in my collection :).


    2. Want a larger frags? $50


    3. Aussie Echinata (Blue tip, light green body) 2"+. $65


    4. 1SC Merry Berry. $25


    5. NOT WYSIWYG. Got this one in my FT and thinking about chopping it smaller so I can mount it on my DT :). Bright Neon Green Tip with Purple body. $45/frag.


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