Custom stands from Midwest Custom??

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    Hello locals/fellow TCMAS folks!

    Getting ready to start my 93g cube setup here in the new house. I really want to go the steel frame route for a change from wood. I noticed someone talking about Midwest Custom Aquariums and I see that they make these stands as well.

    I was going to give them a call to see if they do smaller scale stands, but I thought I'd reach out to our community and hear some reviews. Has anyone used MCA for stands? Is there someone closer to MPLS area that builds and powder coats steel stands?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Midwest custom does make metal stands. But IMO, metal stands only make sense if you are going to powder coat them. Midwest does that too. When i was considering stands, i did look at going the metal route. but the total cost plus getting it 'skinned' made it cost prohibitive to it. So i opted for a nicer all wood stand instead (from Midwest)

    Locally, you can reach out to AJ (Jelloboy), he does make metal stands. Don't know if he's too active on TCMAS these days but i do have his cell number. PM me if you want it and you can shoot him a text to check if he's taking on projects at this time.

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