-SPONSOR- Duluth-bred Fish Back In Stock! Fancy Whites, Wyoming Whites, and more

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    It's been a few months since we had these on hand, but the group is completely to size and ready to go! Everyone is always REALLY pleased with these fish when they get 'em, and the prices are high competitive. PLUS, realistically, shipping overnight to the regional customers averaged about $7!

    Vivid Fancies are the normally barred offspring from Fancy-White pairs. They're only $19 - http://www.miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-ocellaris-fancy-clownfish/


    Our "Just Barely" Grade of Fancy Whites (a.k.a. Davinci, Gladiator) show just enough bar mutation to prove they carry the gene, but they're generally a low-key, subtle type of designer clownfish. We have many, but I believe most are already spoken for, so only have one "in stock" at the moment. More may free up. Only $45! - http://www.miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-ocellaris-fancy-white-clownfish-just-barely-grade/


    Fancy White Clownfish are back, and we have some really cool ones in this batch, but I don't believe we had anything with more than 2 "bar connections", so the prices are all very attractive. The in-stock fish range from $60 to $75 - http://www.miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-ocellaris-fancy-white-clownfish/


    Wyoming White Clownfish are here again, and while I think these are mostly already spoken for by wholesale customers as well, we of course have kept some of the oddball ones back for further evaluation. Tiny are only $49, and Smalls are only $59! http://www.miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-ocellaris-wyoming-white-clownfish/


    We also have an exceptional PAIR of Wyoming Whites with Face Masks and Pearl Eyes from the last batch; these are potentially only days away from breeding, and if they spawn, the price GOES UP. So if you've been watching this pair, it may be in your best interest to not wait any longer. Only $195 for the moment - http://www.miniwaters.fish/product/...arl-eye-male-unbonded-pair-wysiwyg-3-19-2016/


    Of course, all of these fish are available both retail direct and WHOLESALE; area shops, if you like what you see, drop us a line. The Wholesale List is looking good. We're going to be doing some new shipments whenever we get weather breaks, at which point even MORE amazing captive-bred fish will be back in stock!

    Don't forget to check us out and get on the mailing list - www.MiniWaters.fish

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