-SPONSOR- Fiji Cube November BF Sales - Glass Tanks, Sumps, Accessories (St. Paul)

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    Hello TCMAS members,

    This is an exciting month for all, with the upcoming Frag Swap and Black Friday! We would love to be at the Frag Swap, but family event came up and we won't be able to make it this time.

    Black Friday is about 2 weeks away but we are offering the BF sales starting today till 11/30/2017. We don't want anyone to miss out on our sales, especially our low iron glass tank sales this month! Since we won't be at the swap, you'll have to coordinate with us for a pick-up, but we are located in the Metro Area and will work with you to make ti easy & convenient. Pick up is not available between 15 November and 24 November. This offer is valid till end of the month 11/30/2017. Limited quantity on some of the products. You can message us here or text us at 612-532-6129.

    Blowout Sales 1.JPG
    Blowout Sales 2.JPG
    Blowout Sales 3.JPG
    Blowout Sales 4.JPG
    Blowout Sales 5.JPG
    Blowout Sales 6.JPG
    Blowout Sales 7.JPG

    Thanks for looking!

    Fiji Cube

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