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    I recently bought a Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse that has some of the best coloration that I've ever seen in person.

    This fish was only about 2" long but displayed yellow, orange, red, blue, purple... Got him for $16.99 and thought I had nothing to lose.

    I've not had great experiences with Wrasse in my tank before. Most have died very early on for unknown reasons, so I had reason for my doubts.

    Regardless, I thought this fish looked awesome so I bought him. Put him in the tank and he disappeared. Ok, first thought is that he's shy. Give him a day and he'll chill out.

    Few days later, still no sign. Few days later, still no sign. Flashlight out, digging through the sand, checking late at night, early in the morning, feeding extra and watching the corners of the tank, etc.....

    Finally, tonight NINE days later, he comes out to eat. He hid, quite effectively, for NINE freaking days.

    I chalked him up to clean up crew food. He's out and about and eating like a pig, which makes sense if he's been limited to food for over a week.

    People said they've had wrasse hide for extended periods of time, I never believed it.

    Just an observation I thought I'd share.
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    Wrasses will drive you crazy like that!

    When we came home from New Orleans, I noticed that my new Lineatus Wrasse had a slight case of popeye. I immediately called for advice as this was my first ever case of seeing it. I was told that fairy wrasses are notorious for bumping into the rocks and scratching their eyes; resulting in popeye which will last a couple of weeks and then clear itself up. Over the next day or two, the eye grew and grew; it was disgustingly huge! I listened to the advice of keeping the fish well fed and leaving him alone. After three weeks, the eye healed and you cant tell that it was ever an issue.
    I don't believe the wrasse learned anything from that experience as he will still swim too close to pumps and corals when chasing food. Just tonight, he "jumped" up out of the water trying to get into the food dish as I was about to feed the tank. I think I could probably catch him by hand if I wanted to.

    Wrasses... beautiful fish, but they will drive you crazy!

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