-SPONSOR- Interested in Captive Bred Coral Beauties?

Discussion in 'MiniWaters' started by MiniWaters, Dec 5, 2016.

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    They're coming, and well, can't say much about the number of fishes available. If you're seriously interested in getting some of the first commercially available captive-bred Coral Beauties, and the notion of a $100+ price point doesn't discourage you, time to speak up! ASAP preferably. Feel free to email me directly, matt@miniwaters.fish, to find out more, or feel free to ask questions here!
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    So very cool.

    Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to take advantage of this opportunity at this time.

    I totally understand why captive bred marine fish like this have such high prices. My fear though is that not enough people will feel they can afford these prices, and that this will result in the failure of these captive breeding operations.

    At some point though captive bred fish will probably become the ONLY way of obtaining some of these species....
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