-SPONSOR- MiniWaters @ Fall Expo 2016

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    This is just an early heads up that while the Duluth Club (LSMAC) won't be having a table this fall (for the first time in years it seems), I will still be coming down, hopefully with a few other LSMAC members. I'm not going to set up a MiniWaters table either, as dealing with fish, I'd rather not transport tons of fish that aren't sold just to have them on display (props to Mitch May aka. Booyah, who routinely does just that).

    Wholesale and Retail customers, I'm happy to deliver prepaid orders to the swap this fall. Looking forward to being able to enjoy the swap from the other side of the table for a change!

    Questions? Please do ask - matt@miniwaters.fish or 218-206-1225


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