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    We would love to have you as a club sponsor! TCMAS Sponsorships are $200 per year.

    Some benefits of becoming a sponsor are:
    -Sponsors get their own forum, where they can post sales, specials, products or discussions as they wish.
    -While member to member classifieds are restricted to club members only, the sponsor classifieds are open to any viewer to maximize your audience.
    -Sponsors get a rotating banner ad at the top of the forum pages. Sponsor who wish to have a banner ad should submit a 468pixel by 60pixel sized image.
    -Sponsors get discounted table pricing at our events.
    -Club giveaways are typically limited to gift cards or products from forum Sponsors.

    We welcome the knowledge and experience that our Sponsors bring to the table and we do not wish to restrict your ability to share information with our users and participate in discussion. However, this should not be taken advantage of and does not imply permission to thread-jack or post blatant advertising; please do not abuse this policy.

    Terms and Conditions of being a Sponsor:

    -TCMAS does not endorse or discourage any commercial entity or product. Sponsors must adhere to all the forum policies including these specifically set out for Sponsors.
    -Sponsors are assigned this status at our discretion. We value our Sponsor participants and the knowledge they bring to the forum. Only authorized Sponsors may post commercial content.
    -Sponsors may not post unsolicited content that advertises services or contains price quotes outside of their Sponsors Forum.
    -Outside of the Sponsors Forums, when a user is looking for help or asking questions (about products, techniques, etc), Sponsors may post in a manner that is related to their question as long as any content is limited to answering the question or solving the problem/issue.
    -Similarly, outside of the Sponsor’s Forum, if (and only if) a user requests (solicits) a Sponsors to provide information or pricing on a product or service, please do so via a private conversation or direct the poster to the Sponsor forum.
    -Sponsors are not allowed to post replies to a "Buy" listing in the Classifieds indicating that they have the item being sought; such communication should take place via private conversation.
    -Sponsors may donate product in lieu of their annual sponsor fees. Actual value of donated goods must exceed $400 (a 2:1 ratio vs the cash option). The BOD reserves the right to accept or reject this option on a sponsor by sponsor basis.

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