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    I've just been re-reading this whole thread. A few comments (really trivial ones):

    It is possible Brad Anderson had a tank fail too, but I do know that Larry had this happen in his town house. It was a large tank. Wow, what an awful mess that must have been! I don't think this is what got him out of the hobby - I think he just ended up having other interests (a boat as I recall) taking precedence.

    (Incidentally, I still have a 70 gallon tank in use that I bought from Larry, including a nice looking wooden stand and hood that he built.)

    Actually, Shaun's huge clam was a gigas, though I think he had some large clams of other species too (I'm pretty sure there was at least one crocea, for example, and at least one derasa, and maybe others, though I barely knew giant clams back then and the only one that fully registered in my memory was the huge gigas). I could hardly believe that gigas clam when I saw it. And I remember it being a very nicely colored one (I remember its really nice olive green color, and I imagine it also must have had blue spots). I later had a gigas clam that I was given by another member who was taking down a tank - mine had a lot of blue spots, but I remember the background green color being nicer on Shaun's clam.
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    I can't remember when, but somewhere along the line we went to two meetings in 05 or so because people's houses were being overrun with people and we had new members that were overwhelmed by the numbers and just leaving without going in. That worked for a while, but in retrospect, may not have been the best plan.

    I remember picking up Eric Borneman at the airport and thinking; Doesn't this guy shower? I had a good time with him though. One of his speeches was on Apoptosis as the reason for tissue recession and not the "RTN" (rapid tissue necrosis) that was the popular term at the time. I also remember either shortly after or before he supposedly had some catastrophic vandalism or something with his systems as he was trying to demonstrate some certain method of reef keeping. Others thought he did it to himself due to his theory being incorrect. I actually think I may have his speeches on tape somewhere still. I was supposed to get them to someone as one point to post online as a reference. Of course, it sounded like a great idea, but I never got around to doing it.

    I remember Graham had a nice tank and that was one of my first meetings, I think Otoliths or the guy in Apple Valley that was a pilot and did the acrylic thing on the side was actually my first meeting. David Grigor was the go to guy if no one was hosting as he would always step up and he had some really long living corals. Havre always had several nice tanks going and the fake magazine cover of him is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Scott's tank was awesome. Energy's of course. I used to never miss a meeting. I often wonder if the economy crashing hasn't had a lot to do with the decline in the hobby? Why were people so much more active at meetings back in the day? Maybe it's just the age of the computer and technology and just not the need to get together anymore?
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    It was likely around 2007/8 that I came up with the TCMAS shark logo.

    I still have some of the most coral frags I won from Redwinger for it including a massive "chocolate chip pally".
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    :bump1: Updated DG's speaker event post and Pita's elections post
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    I came to a few meetings when this club formed. That was back when I had my first Reef Tank. Took a break the last few years, and now I'm back.

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