Urchin stings to other fish?

Discussion in 'Marine Fish Forum' started by Aaron L., Oct 18, 2017.

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    Lost my Brazilian Golden Moroh eel las week. Someone mentioned to me it got stung by an urchin. The best I can figure is it went into a rock got stock by the urchin and when it pulled out got a dose of its venom. Too late for this situation, but is it best practice to keep urchins out of an eel tank? I have never heard of this before but after doing some research online it appears other people have had the same experience.
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    I assume a long spine urchin? I don't think there are many besides them available to hobbyists that are venomous.
    I don't have any eels in my tanks but I do have plenty of urchins... tuxedo, pincushion, and a rock borer that was a hitchhiker. I haven't seen any negative effects other than the coral bulldozer phenomenon.
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    Indeed, I agree, longspine urchins are the only venomous urchins I have encountered in an aquarium.

    I've kept longspine urchins with clownfish, rabbitfish, dwarf angels, and engineer gobies for years without incident (I'm sort of amazed that the rabbitfish has never seemed to have gotten stung though). That's not to say that your eel could not have been stung, but it is seeming unlikely. And if it got stung by an urchin I'd think you'd see a wound, and likely a broken off spine tip stuck in the fish - the spines are really brittle and breakable.

    But if you don't have a longspine urchin it seems unlikely that you have a venomous urchin.

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