-Frag it forward-

This forum is accessable to all eligible users. It is a place to GIVE AWAY livestock and equipment when you have things you do not want or need any longer. The concept of Frag-it-forward (FIF), pay it forward, etc. is not a rule, but a RESPECTED custom within our club. If someone gives you something, it is customary for you to pass it on when you are done with it. If a living thing is given to you, (coral, fish, etc.) then spawn, coral frags, etc. from it in the future are expected to be given away as well. If you accept a free thing from a club member, this agreement is generally implied. Failing to comply is not a rule violation, but is considered to be in extremely poor taste, and will likely result in you never getting another such gift.

Please see the "Obtaining Membership" page for information on how to see the classifieds section of TCMAS.

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