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    We can't get much better regional shipping weather than this time of year; mild days and slightly cool nights mean that a heat pack or two in the box is all it takes to overnight you fish that are "shipped in luxury" as one of this week's order recipients put it.

    If you're in this region, then overnight shipping is never going to cost you more than $10 unless you have a multi-box order, and with a minimum order of only $75, you really can't go wrong.

    Freshwater and Saltwater, I'm loaded to the gills, including items I don't yet have in stock. I came back from MACNA with fish from both Proaquatix and Sustainable Aquatics, particularly things you don't normally see from these producers. Plus, captive-bred Yellow Tangs are back in stock, there's still one captive-bred Coral Beauty up for grabs.

    Be sure to follow us on Facebook; that's generally the first place new items are listed. https://www.facebook.com/MiniWaters.FISH/

    Shop now at www.MiniWaters.fish

    Any questions? Email me anytime - matt@miniwaters.fish, or call the business cell during "reasonable" hours - 218-206-1225!

    LFS owners & managers, I founded MiniWaters first and foremost to serve you; we have some great wholesale offerings, including Duluth born-and-raised, where you can sell them for less than we sell them online! Email me to find out more!

    Looking forward to your questions, interest, and orders as we head into fall!

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