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Discussion in 'Advanced Topics & DIY' started by mnmuskyman2011, Sep 17, 2015.

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    TCMAS Weekly Discussion

    We would like to get more reef related discussions going on the forum. We will post a weekly topic to get the discussion started then let you all take it from there. The rules are simple, keep on topic and keep it positive.

    This weeks topic: Information Resources
    Other than TCMAS, what other resources do you utilize for information, inspiration or relaxation; online websites, forums, podcasts, books, ...?

    Also, feel free to post an idea for future topics as well.
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    I'll break the ice on this one! As someone relatively new to the hobby (8 months), I do a ton of searching for answers. When not pestering the knowledgable folks on this forum ( which is actually the only one I actively post on), I frequently visit the ReeftoReef and Central Reef forums.

    For care requirements of fish/corals I like Liveaquaria.com and Fishlore.com. I tend to pester Jen at New Wave quite a bit when in there as she has always given me fantastic coral advice.

    Finally, I watch many online videos on topics ranging from DIY algae scrubbers to acid washing live rock (thanks Gary!). The videos from Bulk Reef Supply have also taught me a great deal.
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    For really funny and really obscure humor I go to Kriens

    To be told how I doing it all wrong I go to Angie

    To have the obvious pointed out I go to James

    To get the right answer I go to David, but secretly disagree anyways

    To interact with grumpy people I go to Reef Central

    To get annoyed with a forum layout I go to Reef2Reef

    To pay sales tax on stuff I can get else where for the most part I go to BRS

    To feel like I'm in the know I go to Reef Builders

    To laugh at people I go to craigslist and search for aquarium

    To get laughed at I host a house meeting
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    Ala Marty....

    To be told how I doing it all wrong I go to: Home Depot

    To have the obvious pointed out I go to: Home Depot

    To get the right answer I go to David

    To get recommendations on why 30 year old technology is far superior to these new fangled contraptions I go to Reef Central

    To get comments from a member that doesn't answer the question I'm asking I go to Reef2Reef

    To get fish supplies that I don't want my wife to see I pick it up at BRS

    To feel like I should wait to buy equipment because new improved stuf is coming out I go to Reef Builders

    To laugh at people I go to craigslist and search for aquarium.... and want to post my findings on TCMAS but don't want to embarrass anyone if it is a member doing the selling
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    The #1 I follow is chemistry forum at reef2reef ( becuase that's where Randy is now ) or occasionally reefcentral chemistry. Most of the time its just recycled questions over and over so it's just a quick peruse every couple of days.

    I tend to frequent sponsor forums that those that I use the products such as ecotech, neptune just to see how people are using the equipment and what new things may be coming down the pipe even when I'm not in the market or shopping. Sponsor forums for products I'm thinking of using or use in a limited way like Triton on Reef2reef. Algaescrubbers.net to see what people are coming up with and if some ideas I can apply.

    I subscribe to Coral Magazine ( online only no paper copy ), I don't really read it very often mostly just for the eye candy.

    I do enjoy the bulkreefsupply videos as they get released. Most of the advice and pro/cons content I already know but I still enjoy it and do like to see the new products/features that they point out.
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  6. Gary

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    I go to the forums and online stores just as everyone else has listed above. I also spend some time watching videos on youtube. I can get youtube on AppleTV so it's easy enough to sit on my couch and surf.

    My regular subscriptions are:

    Melev's Reef He has a huge tank and his videos are pretty good- product reviews, How to's, DIY, etc
    American Reef - Mike Palletta is a regular guest, he has a LOT of videos out there
    Coralfish 12G - young guy does mostly nano tank stuff
    LA Fish Guy - Really long videos of him doing maintenance work on Beverly Hills tanks, the tanks are nice, the guy is always sweaty.
    BRS - Product reviews and information
    The King of DIY - This guy does some pretty interesting low buck projects
    Marine Depot - Product reviews
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    Yea! My suggestion!
    Since I suggested this topic, it should be known that I gather a lot of information from many resources.
    I try to learn as much as I can about every aspect with this hobby; with any of my hobbies or interests.
    I'm addicted to knowledge.

    Online resources:
    • TCMAS (my home), Reef2Reef (national), Reef Central (occasionally), Nano-Reef (seldom), 3Reef (seldom)
    • Marine Breeders Initiative (MBI), Tonmo.com (head-foots), GARF.org (old-timey groundbreaking information)
    • Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, Reefkeeping magazine, Reefs.com
    • Melev's Reef videos, BRS videos, Mr. Saltwater Tank videos, Cyclone Reef videos, American Reef videos
    • Reef Threads podcast, AmericanReef podcasts, MASNA Live podcast
    • Facebook (various hobbyists, tradespeople, researchers, etc.)

    I have a small library of the more prominent marine aquarium hobby books from the hobby's more respected authors. Over 24 titles, but I really like the Reef Fish Series by Scott W. Michael, The Reef Aquarium series by Sprung and Delbeek, Aquarium Corals by Borneman and Cephalopods by Dunlop and King.
    I have a subscription to Coral Magazine. Back in the '90s, I had subscriptions to FAMA, AFM and TFH. When I took a hiatus from the hobby I donated about nine years worth of magazines to TCMAS (via A World of Fish employee).
    I also pick up various books/magazines that I find have valuable information on the ocean, the reefs and the animals that live therein.

    Those are just the staples of my resource for knowledge. There are other websites that I check into every now and then, but that's only when I've exhausted all of the new information from these places.

    One of the resources that I have yet to take advantage of is the MACNA Conference. I know I could spend the entire weekend listening to the speakers discuss a wide array of topics.
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  8. Riley

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    I thought this was a good topic but didn't get a chance to participate yet.

    I don't have much internet time, maybe an hour a day, but my daily routine basically goes as follows:

    Before work -
    - gmail message to the wife
    - Shark & Ray Central
    - Monsterfishkeepers - the shark subforum
    - reefcentral - only the DIY and the Fish Only subforums (I'm not registered on the forum)
    - tcmas

    Lunch -
    any quick replies to our forum , other stuff that interests me - lately it has been cnc router related.

    After work -
    Facebook, mainly to see if Bill Wann has made anything new. I never post anything on my "wall"

    Weekend, usually Sunday morning before my wife wakes up:
    - same forums as weekday morning.
    - Tonmo forums
    - Facebook - this time to check out any special projects from different companies like Bashsea, Nextreef, MRC, Royal Exclusiv, ect.
    - reefbuilders - to stay up to day with new products and trends.

    I have a good amount of fish books, maybe as much as Jason, mainly the must have hobby books, plus books about interests like seahorses, elasmobranchs, cephalopods, and jellyfish. I subscribe to Coral magazine - print only. I absolutely hate e-books and digital magazines. Another random thing I like to look at are catalogs. I get lots of brainstorms looking at the Aquatic Ecosystems and US Plastic catalogs.

    For TV, I never watch youtube anymore, but I used to watch LA Fishguys for entertainment. I'm a Jim Stime fan. On TV I do watch Tanked. I can't believe people think that show is real. The acting is so horrible and the staged stuff is too obvious. Even my non-fish wife thinks so. It is good entertainment though.

    That's pretty much me in a nutshell.
  9. RandoReefer

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    This is pretty much my list as well. Although I can add...

    Filling up my FB thread.........Bulk Reef, EcoTech, AI, Innovative Marine, Neptune Systems, ReefBuilders, Advanced Aquarist, Rod's Food, MASNA, MACNA, Live Aquaria, Reef2Reef, and others I can't think of now.

    I'm a fan of the Reef Threads podcast when I'm bored in the car on long drives. I really like the up-to-the-minute equipment updates from Reef Builders and interesting articles like Paletta's recent article on Acro color. Coral magazine and Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine are my favorite hard copy publications.

    For breaks in between news feeds:
    I Twitter follow all the above mentioned organizations and groups including, @RetTalbot, @Reefs.com, @ORAfarm, @Hamilton_Tech, @LiveAquaria, @reefbuilders, @CORALmagazine, @BulkReefSupply

    For tank/coral inspiration....
    Instagram accounts I follow (tons, but these are my favs): @randoreefer @reef_a_holiks, @rainbowreefcorals, @coralreefenthusiast, @sc_reefchief, @reeflifeaquatics, @st0neybologna, @worldwidecorals, @paandemonium, @iqyax, @uniquecorals ... And more

    I'm a bit partial to Reef2Reef, since I unofficially moderate over there, but reading Scott Feldman's rants on the Unique Corals sponsor thread really brightens my day!

    I'm happy to have a very active forum to call home with TCMAS! It has already surpassed the Kansas forum I used to call home, (which died off most recently). I look forward to calling you all "family" as the years pass!
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