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    Wow, it's been a long time since I made a post here...my apologies! I hope you're all having a great summer....I know I certainly kinda turned my attention away from the fishroom a bit to focus on other things this time of year, so there's no shame in admitting you've done the same. But that hasn't meant I'm not bringing in and selling fish all summer long, and well, summer here is the BEST time to get fish delivered to your door, generally for less than $10 since you're all in my SpeeDee Delivery range!

    Spurred by a customer's special order for a spawning pair we sold, I finally took the time to photograph and get some of Mike Doty's latest offerings up on the website! Here they are:

    MOCHA Clownfish - http://miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-mocha-clownfish/ - $25 each - I think Mike has up to 9 we can sell this time around.

    Mochavinci - that's right, Mochas with the Davinci Gene (same gene as Fancy Whites / Davincis / Gladiators) - We have a couple WYSIWYG below, and there's a few others we haven't photographed and isolated that can be purchased for significantly lower cost at the moment - $69 to $99 each for this rare designer variant. http://miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-mochavinci-clownfish/ (note, the image below is just representative...but it's also the first WYSIWYG image!)


    WYSIWYG Single, Double-connection MOCHAVINCI - this is a WYSIWYG, one of the nicest Mike got out of the small batch he reared, and it might even retain some "smudgy" markings to boot (very rare). Left Flank shown above, Right Flank shown below. $149 on sale...if it gets bigger, we might raise the price, so if you've been wanting a MOCHAVINCI...well...here you are! http://miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-mochavinci-clownfish-wysiwyg-8-11-17/


    A WYSIWYG compatible PAIR of Mochavincis! They're young, lower grade perhaps, but they should throw a wonderful range of offspring. A breeder's type of pairing for sure. $199 - http://miniwaters.fish/product/amphiprion-mochavinci-clownfish-compatible-pair-wysiwyg-8-11-17/ - Both sides shown below:


    And lastly for tonight, a WYSIWYG Goldflake Maroon Clownfish! This too, born and raised in Duluth, MN. This was the ONLY FISH Mike got out of the run, but it's darn near perfect! Great for pairing with the one Gold Nugget I have on hand right now too. $79. http://miniwaters.fish/product/premnas-sp-epigrammata-goldflake-maroon-clownfish-wysiwyg-8-10-17/


    There are TONS of new offerings on the website, and I'll try to catch you all up in the days and weeks ahead. Questions, please email me directly - matt@miniwaters.fish. And a reminder, some of these fish are available wholesale (WYSIWYG generally are NOT, due to all the extra work we put into them), so if you want to support your local shop (very sad to see SWE close...very sad Fritz....) have them get in touch with me!

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