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    New Wave Aquaria is hiring for FULL or PART time Aquatic Maintenance Technician. New Wave is located in Plymouth, but do not let that discourage you if you are located in other areas of the state! We have clients in the Twin Cities and many surrounding areas that may be logistically suitable to where you live. The position requires utmost professionalism while performing aquarium related tasks. This includes assembling the necessary supplies necessary to complete the aquarium tasks, as well as transporting those supplies and tools to the job-site. The Aquarist will be required to perform prescribed tasks in addition to all other potentially necessary tasks as determined by the condition of the aquarium on the day of the service visit, and consultation and customer service with the customer.

    The qualified candidate will have advanced knowledge of aquariums and have a high level of comfortability with a variety of types of aquariums.

    Travel stipend will be offered to offset travel costs when/if personal vehicle is utilized.

    If interested, please email your resume to support@newwaveaquaria.com and we will contact you to set up an interview.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    The Maintenance Specialist position may include any of the following tasks and responsibilities.
    • Obtain water, filtration media, chemical additives, etc. from supply before transporting these supplies to the jobsite. In addition, a set of tools will need to be transported to the jobsite and maintained in good working order.
    • Using cleaning equipment to remove algae from inside of viewing window, and simple buffing equipment to clean the outside. Must be able to identify areas that need to be cleaned, and self-direct cleaning tasks. Must be able to accurately ascertain a high-level of aquarium cleanliness, and the tasks necessary to convert an aquarium that needs maintenance to a stable, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing display.
    • Maintaining a clean and orderly working environment. Including dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping as required.
    • Must be able to self-direct cleaning and maintenance tasks in a time-efficient manner.
    • Provide accurate record keeping. Including data record sheet recording as well as a daily log of activities as a prerequisite for payment.
    • Provide an accurate timesheet via smartphone and web-based timesheets.
    • Will be asked to cross-train in a public display style aquarium.
    Additional duties may include:
    • Aquarium plumbing and installation tasks.
    • General maintenance and/or repair work.
    • General construction tasks.
    There may also be opportunity for the right candidate to work in store. Additional qualifications may apply.

    • Must be 18 years or older.
    • Must have advanced knowledge of aquariums and experience dealing with a variety of different types of aquariums.
    • Must possess reliable transportation, with the ability to transport buckets and jugs in your own vehicle.
      • We do have company vehicles if needed
    • Must be self-motivated worker able to function without direct supervision.
    • Must be able to recognize and identify tasks and self-direct cleaning duties to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of labor hours.
    • Be willing to work an 4-8 week probationary period before becoming an established Aquarist.
    • Must have at least two (recent) professional references.
    • Must have a smart phone for mobile clock in/out.
    Physical requirements
    • Must be able to lift 50 lbs over your head. Must be able to carry 50 lbs up a vertical ladder.
    • Must be able to perform aerobic activity (cleaning) for an extended period.

    Job Type: Full OR Part-time

    * $13.00 /hour to start with increase after review and probationary period (starting pay is negotiable with experience)

    Job Location:
    * Plymouth, MN (servicing surrounding areas)

    Required experience
    * Advanced aquarium (personal or professional): 1 year

    Required license or certification
    * Must have valid drivers license and reliable transportation

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