-Frag Swap- Pre-Sale Rules, must read.

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    Excited to welcome you to the TCMAS Pre-Sales forum! This is open prior to each swap/expo so the public can participate in our classifieds before the big event and is normally reserved for full and supporting members.
    Rules to live by:
    All sales/trades must be delivered and picked up at the expo. If you are not attending then continue to use the members only classified section.

    2) Please limit bumping of threads to once per day.

    3) If you see something for sale or trade, and you think the price is out of line and/or unreasonable, you have several choices:
    ⁃ Decide this is not the deal for you and move on.
    ⁃ Private message or telephone the seller and negotiate.
    ⁃ Pay the asking price.

    4) Do not piggyback a thread with your items, simply create your own thread and mark sold once a trade or sale is confirmed.

    5) There is no need to post multiple ads for the same item. Posting in the same thread again with new information will move it back into the recent posts, for easier viewing.

    6) Please review your sellers and buyers once transactions are finalized.

    *** I strongly advise texting a photo of yourself to the buyer or seller so they can find you along with expected times you'll be there.
    On behalf of TCMAS and our many members, welcome and we look forward to seeing you at the swap!
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