-Meeting- Rsnodgrass & HouseofStark are hosting a Meeting in Marshall 9-14-19

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    Rsnodgrass & HouseofStark are hosting a Meeting!
    Location: Marshall, MN
    Date: Saturday September 14th
    Time: starting at Rsnodgrass' around 1pm and ending at HouseofStark's end time ???

    Do you want a pm for address or do you want to post it here?
    PM for both addresses

    Is there a limit to attendee's?

    Is your meeting handicap accessible?
    Rsnodgrass' is handicap accessible.
    HouseofStark's is not.

    Are bring corals for trading and/or selling allowed at your meeting?
    Feel free.

    Will you be providing any refreshments?
    Probably Burgers and stuff.
    Bring anything else if you're particular.

    Are there any specific parking guidelines?
    Nope, just parking lot/street parking.

    Do you have any pets? (this is for members with allergies)
    No pets at either house.

    Are children allowed?
    Yes for both houses.
    Children need to be watched, and Rsnodgrass' 3 year old will likely be around.

    Please provide a short description of your experience in the hobby and any tanks currently running.
    Rsnodgrass: 18yrs of tanks and currently in two years in on a 300 gal see through mixed reef tank
    (seen from 2 rooms).
    HouseofStark: New to the hobby, started early 2018, current/first tank is a 60 gal cube mixed reef been up for a little more than a year now.

    AmyZ - 2 - Amy & Nick
    RSnodgrass - 2

    Total: 4
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    sorry i couldn't make it. Jeff and I had our Open Water certification dives to complete today.
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    Good thing you didn't show up, since it's in September. :BigLaugh

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