Salt creep and wood stands

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    So I’m curious if anyone has tips on cleaning wood stands of salt creep/spray. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like nonporous like that epoxy floor coating all over? Wood just holds on to the salt.
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    Do you know what product was used in sealing and finishing the wood?
    Knowing what type of finish would help to know what products you can used to clean and help protect the finish long term.

    But here's some recommendations for cleaning the salt creep from the wood.
    Wipe off excess salt with a dry rag to remove as much of the salt as possible; followed up with using a damp rag to collect any loose pieces of the salt creep. Wipe down the wood with the damp rag and warm soapy water; I use Murphy's Oil Soap for wood. Try not to have a soaked rag so that the soapy water could drip into the saltwater. Using a dry towel, wipe down the washed wood and then let the wood air dry. Depending on the extent of the salt creep, this may take several attempts to remove all of the salt.
    At this point, you will need to apply a finish to help restore what finish you have on the stand. I use English Oil on my stands that are finished with lacquer. Apply the oil to a dry rag and wipe down the surface of the wood. Allow the oil to penetrate the wood and dry. Depending on the wood's condition, this may also take multiple coats.
    Properly maintaining the finish of the wood will help keep your stands looking nice; as with all cabinets and woodwork. I will clean my stands twice a year using the above procedure; my 120gal stand was built in late 2012.

    And I mention this to anyone inquiring about wood stands...
    Saltwater is one of the most corrosive solutions on the planet! If care isn't taken to keep saltwater from making contact with wood, paints and finishes or metals, it will leave its mark.
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    Once you get it cleaned you can use a wood wax to protect it in the future and makes clean up super easy.
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