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    These frags are ready for a new home. Pick up in Shoreview/Arden Hills area.



    1. First time release. Proudly introduce 1SC Flamingo (I can't capture the neon pink color of it, please look at the mother colony below for color reference). $65

    Mother colony (NFS)

    2. 1SC Frogskin (as you can see it has been fragged for awhile and well encrusted over the frag plug). $40

    3. 1SC Frozen (again, I can't capture the color of this beauty. Blue tip with vivid turquoise body and gold polyps). I have a large demand on this SPS after bring it to the last frag swap, it is the last frag and won't be available for awhile. $55


    4. 1SC Lime in the Sky. $30

    5. Blue tip Tenuis ~2" ( Blue tip with green body). $25

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