TCMAS is looking for a trailer.

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    I put this here so it would be public.

    We've been discussing and we have a BIG ask to please keep your eyes peeled for a small enclosed trailer for TCMAS to have. Ideally this would be an item donated and thus would be treated as a donation to any non-profit. If you have questions on how to deduct this item consult your tax professional. Last resort might be to buy one but chances are you'd get more donating it then what our budget is.

    This would primarily work on two fronts...
    Keep all of our supplies in one spot and no longer spread across the state! Easier for the club to have access and monitor.
    2) Remove the burden of multiple people loading and unloading their personal vehicles and trying to find room in their homes.

    We're not picky... as long as it's road worthy, doesn't leak or leaks can be patched we're interested! Even an old snowmobile trailer might work. Want to use it for advertising? Put your logo on the side.

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