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    It took about two weeks of squeezing in little parts of this in my spare time, but www.MiniWaters.fish has been migrated to a new server. I'm happy to report that if you had issues with the website in the past, whether 500 server errors or simply slow page loads, those days should be behind us! So far, the site appears to be lightning fast! WOOOO HOO!

    And that means I can now get back to the task of adding new inventory. 3 weeks ago I brought in my first shipment of Biota Palau Aquacultured Fish, and let me tell you they are amazing. Adding Biota to the lineup greatly expands the species diversity I'm able to offer, with many captive-bred marine fish that aren't being produced by any other major commercial facility. Some highlights include:


    Captive-bred Coral Beauties - $89 each
    Captive-bred Linkii Gobies - $29
    Captive-bred Watchman Gobies - $29
    Captive-bred Bristletail Filefish - SALE - $29
    Captive-bred Rainford's Gobies (these are amazing!!!) - $39
    Captive-bred Pajama Cardinalfish (great big size) - $35
    Captive-bred Longfin Bluegill (Plesiops corallicola) (so cute at roughly 1" so far) - $69
    Captive-bred Striped Blenny - $39
    Captive-bred Yasha Hase Gobies (from Rising Tide) - $69
    And the best? - Captive-bred Green Mandarin Dragonet, Synchiropus splendidus, 1" and robust as all get out - $119

    All of these fish are through a solid 3 weeks observation. Quantities are limited, but I generally have 2-4 of each at the moment. All need to be photographed and put into inventory...which I will do as fast as I can. Feel free to email now to stake your claim!
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    Wow... and impressive collection of captive-bred fish!

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