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    The Wet World Weekly
    (News, Sales, Discounts, and More!)

    Hello Everyone!

    It's that time again. The time that everyone looks forward to every week at Wet World. That's right. Today's Shipment Day! And boy did we ever get in some cool items today!!

    Stop by and see the latest freshwater and saltwater treasures we currently have in stock including: Erectus Seahorses, coral beauty Angel, Flame Angel, Valentini Puffer, Porcupine Puffer, Mandarin Dragonette, Royal Gramma, Panther Grouper, Marbled Cat Shark, Clown Fairy Wrasse, Clown Loaches, Pictus Catfish, Yoyo Loaches, Tiger Barbs, Electric Blue Freshwater Lobster, Gold Gouramis, and tons more!! For an appetizer, go to our Facebook page and have a peek at some pictures of our fabulous new editions to the store!

    Also our June specials are still going on....but they won't be forever. July is right around the corner, so hurry in and save on the following while you still can:

    $25 Clean-Up Crew(includes 10 hermits, 4 snails, and 1 emerald crab!
    30% off all Frameless, Rimless Aquariums! (And did I mention, that includes the stand!?!?)
    20% off all biocubes
    Buy 3 gouramis (any variety), and get 25% off your purchase of fish food!

    These are some pretty sweet discounts and there's only a few days left to get them so make sure you come in soon!

    Well that's all today from Minnesota's Best Fish Store! We wish you a very pleasant rest of your day and please come visit us soon!

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