Using the Editor

The editor is WYSIWYG and easy to use as most options are self explaining. General look of the Editor



1 Formatting your text options

2 Insert a link or unlink

  • You write the word, mark it and then click on "insert link".
  • If you don't write the word to be linked first the whole link will be inserted


3 Formatting your text options


4 Inserting Smileys, Image(s) or Media

Insert Smiley

Click on the "Smiley" button and a window will open below the editor where you can select the available Smileys

Insert Media

You can paste a direct link from any of the Media listed in the popup and your link will be converted to a real preview of the Media just like in Facebook and others


Insert Image

The simplest method is just to drag your image into the editor and it will be uploaded automatically You have the option to insert the image as a thumbnail or as a full size image or you can use the "insert Image" button and add the url of the image when the image is stored on another site


5 Drafts

If you are not ready to post a Thread or Reply you can "save" it, do something else and reload it when needed later


6 Undo / Redo

7 Adding a Google Map

Just click on the Google Map button and place the address between the 2 Google Map codes example: [googlemap] 1234 Main Street, Minneapolis [/googlemap]

8 Adding an image from your own Forum Library

When you click on this button a window will show where you can browse through your images and select the one you want to insert


9 Upload a file

Here you can upload an image, text or PDF file etc. and insert them in your post

Quoting a post

To quote a post in a reply just click on the "reply" button


if you just want to Quote a part of the text just highlight the text with your mouse and a button will appear "Quote me". Click on it and the text will appear in the editor